Top News Data Artist becomes wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu
February 9, 2018
Data Artist Inc.

Data Artist becomes wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu

Data Artist Inc., (Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Satoru Yamamoto) announces that Dentsu Inc., (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director and CEO: Toshihiro Yamamoto) will acquire all shares in Data Artist Inc., making it a subsidiary of Dentsu.

Data Artist Inc., has since the foundation in 2013, focused on developing AI technology within the marketing domain and has until this date provided services to over 650 corporations in different industries. Dentsu is known to be one of the largest advertising companies worldwide and has under the corporate philosophy of “Good Innovation” contributed to provide solutions to various issues facing corporations and society at large.

The “AI MIRAI” (AI Future) project, launched by Dentsu earlier in January this year, aims to increase and encourage the use of AI within and outside the company as well as provide client corporations with new, efficient and innovative AI solutions.

Data Artist and Dentsu has worked jointly to develop the TV Audience Rating Forecasting system “SHAREST” (Beta version) and the audience extension part of the data stack “People Driven DMP”, a part of the integrated framework “People Driven Marketing” that aggregate personal behavioral data and marketing data from the Dentsu Group.

Since the conclusion of a business and capital partnership in November 2016, Dentsu and Data Artist has further accelerated their cooperative initiatives and Data Artist will onwards be a part of the Dentsu Group. By leveraging the strengths of Dentsu solid management, strategy and planning capabilities) and Data Artist (advanced AI planning/development and consultation capabilities) they aim to create and provide high added-value solutions to clients and further extend their business operations.

In the marketing domain, AI technology has now reached a stage where development of various AI powered marketing solutions is achievable. The need to attract and educate highly skilled AI talent is growing day by day and they are now moving to further strengthen their ability to attract highly qualified AI talent and expand upon existing education and training initiatives.

Data Artist aims to become a development center of Big Data and AI solutions within the Dentsu Group and will, as a part of this plan, this year establish an office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The government of Mongolia is actively encouraging mathematic skills education through encouraging selected gifted student to participate in the “Mathematical Olympiad” and other initiatives.
High-level mathematical skills are essential for developing AI solutions and there is currently a wealth of Mongolian students with strong mathematical science skills.

Data Artist can boast that they, among their Mongolian employees, have former medalists of the Mathematical Olympiad, as well as other members with superior mathematical skills. These valued employees are considered to have greatly contributed to the business succcess of Data Artist.

By establishing a AI development center in Mongolia, Data Artist is confident in their ability to attract highly qualified candidates with the necessary skills required for developing innovative, practical and efficient AI solutions.

Company Overview of Dentsu Inc.

Company Name
Dentsu Inc.
Representative Director and CEO
Toshihiro Yamamoto
Higashi-Shinbashi 1-8-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-7001
July 4, 1901
74,609,810,000 yen
Dentsu: 6,799 persons, Dentsu Group: 55,843 persons
Business Outline
Integrated marketing communication solutions within the business area of “Integrated Communication Design”, management and business development solutions.
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