Top Company Overview

Company Overview

Data Artist provides new and innovative AI solutions in various areas such as Marketing, Media, Tourism, Retail or Medical Services.

  • Company Name
    Data Artist Inc.
    June 21, 2013
    99,998,696 yen ( Including capital reserves )
    Principal shareholder
    Number of Employees
    76 ( Including part-time staff )
    Directors and Executive Officers
    President / CEO Mr. Satoru Yamamoto
    Director Mr. Amarsanaa Agchbayar
    Director Mr. Shigeyuki Muto
    Director Mr. Ken Yamada
    Director Mr. Hisashi Matsunaga
    Director Ms. Kumiko Nakatsu
    Director Mr. Shun Maekawa
    Auditor Mr. Motoyuki Takahashi
  • Tel
    Ichigo Mita Building 2F, Shiba 5-13-18
    Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014
    Major Business Areas
    1. AI Solutions
    2. Marketing Consulting Services
    3. Software Solutions
    Subsidiary Company
    Dentsu Data Artist Mongol(DDAM)
    Company Name: Dentsu Data Artist Mongol(DDAM)
    Location: Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
    Number of Employees: 34
    ISMS Certification
    Information Security Management System
    ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 ( JISQ 27001: 2014 )