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Directors & Executive Officers

Satoru Yamamoto

Majored in Artificial Intelligence under Professor Yutaka Matsuo of the University of Tokyo.
Provider of marketing systems utilizing AI and Big Data such as "DLPO", a CRO tool used by over 700 companies, "SHAREST", a TV Audience Rating Prediction System and "ADVANCED CREATIVE MAKER", a system that automatically generates banner ads.
Media appearances / Seminars for "World Business Satellite", "NHK World" etc.
Author of "A Logical Approach to Sales" and "AI x Big Data Marketing".

  • Born 1982 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan
  • Keio University, Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology
  • The University of Tokyo, Physics (Masters Degree)
  • The University of Tokyo, Department of Technology Management for Innovation (Specially Appointed Researcher)

  • Director Mr. Amarsanaa Agchbayar

    Joined Data Artist in 2015. Majored in Data Mining under Professor Yutaka Matsuo at the University of Tokyo. Appointed to CTO in 2016. Oversees the AI R&D in Japan and subsidiary Dentsu Data Artist Mongol. (DDAM) Former International Mathematical Olympiad medalist.

  • Director Mr. Shigeyuki Muto

    Chief Operating Officer. (COO) Joined Data Artist in 2017. Diverse and extensive experiences across industries such as Manufacturing, Advertising, and Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Muto is the main architect of the AI organization and planning activities of Data Artist.

  • Director Mr. Ken Yamada

    Director of Business Administration and New Business Development. Joined Dentsu in 2003. Solid experience in Marketing Planning and Ad Creation as well as Business Planning/Human Resources. Recipient of CANNES LIONS and multiple other awards. Joined Data Artist in 2019.

  • Director Mr. Hisashi Matsunaga

  • Director Ms. Kumiko Nakatsu

  • Director Mr. Shun Maekawa

  • Auditor Mr. Motoyuki Takahashi